Über Xontext

Xontext is about developing your business across markets worldwide with powerful text solutions. For that purpose Xontext provides tools and services to identify potential markets, potential markets, target these new geographies with a localized offer to develop your business and finally planning and managing the introduction of your services and products to those new markets/expansion of your business.

The business intelligence offered by Xontext is provided by human professionals and is perfectly tailored to place and context. Explore potential markets and identify the most promising business opportunities. Register for free and start to investigate the global potential of your product today. Learn more about business intelligence by Xontext

We assist the expansion of your business with localization services and help you cater to the new audiences abroad with services such text edition, translation or interpretation. With the foreign language services by Xontext you speak the language of your customers. See all our localization services.

But our mission goes even further: Through custom enterprise resource management tools we offer means and ways to centralize the management of multinational teams and empower your management to be in touch with the company from anywhere at anytime. Contact us for more details on enterprsie resource management by Xontext.